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The Indian Thali

An Introduction

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Thali is used to refer to an Indian meal made up of a selection of various dishes which are served on a platter. The 'thali' style meal serving is popular in all of India.
The idea behind a Thali is to offer all the 6 different flavors of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate.
According to Indian food custom, a proper meal should be a perfect balance of all these 6 flavors.
Thali is a quintessentially Indian Cuisine, not just for variety or limitlessness, but because it is true to Indian tradition.

Shree Shivay is now open

The humble Indian Thali is a composite and wholesome meal which is basically a combinations of various delicious dishes served on a single plate. You have small katoris (bowls) full of dishes like rice, dal , sabzi , curries and curd.

You're also served different types of breads (rotis, naan, etc.) along with sides of paapad , pickle and salad!
What's more, almost every Indian state and/or region has it's own distinctive version of the "thali," made to suit local tastes and cooking styles.

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